Medicine sale examination horse

You founded the perfect horse to buy and you are searching for a veterinary examination?

You want to sale a horse and you would like to know if it’s in a good medical condition?
I’ve got a long experience with such kind of  examinations.
In this case a lot of questions come up. In the following I tried a short explanation how this works in Germany.

For presales investigations we differentiate the clinical part and further examinations.

The clinical part

The clinical part include the general inspection of the horse, visible changes, maybe painfull areas in the neck, bag or legs. I look into the eyes and the mouth, look for any deviations from the normal conditions.
As well I auscultate the heart and the lung in rest.
After that we are going to exam the musculoskeletal system with more precision. We start with walk and trot on stiff firm and go further with provocations exams of the legs. This means I bend one leg for one minute and after that the horse should start in trot without lameness. These proceed could show up a discomfort in the legs which maybe couldn’t expect before.
After that we strain the horse in the circle. I look about the kind of moving, about possibly lameness and auscultate the heart and the lung after work.
The price for the clinical part is € 160,- for horse with a sale price of max. € 5000,-. Is the price of the horse higher increase the costs about 0,3% of the complete horse sale price. This results from higher risk, because I have to response my examination results  up to the value of the horse.

Further examinations 

After the clinical part you can decide what else you want to have a special look at. The most clients want me to take some x-rays from the legs. In recommendation oft he german veterinary society (DVG) the standard profile includes 18 x-rays:

2 x-rays of both front legs: Podotrochlea (navicular bones without horseshoes)
4 x-rays of both front legs from the side: distal phalanx (fetlock-joints/ coffin joints)

4 x-rays of both hint legs stiffels joint ((90°, 180°)
6 x-rays hock joints (0°, 45°, 135°)
2 x-rays of both hint legs from the side (fetlock-, pastern- and coffin-joint)

The 18 standard profile costs € 820,-

How ever: you are the client and it is still your decision how many x-rays you would like to have. Let me know, whether you have any further questions. Tell me if you want me to take more or less x-rays. Every x-ray different, or without the the standard, costs € 47,-.

Some clients request blood or doping tests:

A normal health blood screening could make in 24 h and cost € 140,-.

Doping tests will make like international standard in A and B sample. The price are depends which kind of drugs should search and this results of course in very different prices. Please ask if you would like to take any doping tests.
Also I can make some ultrasonographic examinations from the tendons, ligaments or joints if it is necessary or in your interest.
For deeper examinations of the lung I’m able to make a endoscopy investigation from the upper respiratory system.

(All prices include VAT)

Anyhow, if you have some questions be without any fear.
You can send us an e-mail:, or call us: 0049 177 30 35 607

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